Choose Bravely

You have a choice.

Will you fall or will you fly? 

Will you choose to live

or will you choose to die? 

I originally posted this piece on Facebook a few months ago, but I thought it diserved some digging up. I think it belongs on a blog called “Faith Over Fear.” Because that’s exactly what these words are all about.

People ask me how I go on? I wonder how exactly we can’t. I guess I’ve always had a choice. After my husband’s cancer diagnosis, the surgeries, the treatments, the miscarriage, the destruction of his body before my very eyes…. I had a choice. I could lay down and let myself, my hopes, die alongside him. Or, I could look for truth, cling to it, and flight to stay alive. I had a choice. You, my friend, have a choice.

We can die along with our shattered dreams, or we can choose to continue to live. I will not blame God for the difficulties in this life, for the haunting things that I’ve experienced, or for the people that I’ve lost. We live in a broken world and that world produces broken stories. But, we also live in a world where death has been CONQUERED. Where broken stories can be REDEEMED. I refuse to give up, I refuse to give in. Is this real life? It sure is and I’m determined to keep breathing.

If you’ve been let down, on a small or big scale, can I challenge you? I challenge you to let yourself believe in another day. Hope for another moment of joy. Create happiness around you by giving generously, raging against the dark, and choosing to look at life with love.

None of the broken things that I’ve experienced have ruined me. I am stronger now. I believe in real joy. I believe in making the most of every day. And, more than ever, I believe in a God who loves me more than I ever realized before. He loves you too. That might seem unbelievable in face of the deep broken dark, but if you really see the story for what it is, you might find the same light and the same truths that I have.

The truth. It rings. It soars. It courses through me. If you think about it, it courses through you too. The truth is in our being. The truth is in our blood. The truth was in His blood. I have much left to learn, but in the meantime, I’ll lean into Him and continue to seek, continue to breathe. In. Out.

You too? With me now?

Be your absolute best. Be your bravest self. Live your life. If you are breathing, then you are lucky enough to have one.

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9 thoughts on “Choose Bravely”

  1. Love you! Our mom had the same cancer and was going through it all just a couple of months ahead of Nick. It’s weird to me how some of the stuff that went on pops in and causes a little PTSD. But those broken hearts are open hearts and soooo much good comes in. It’s the little things- snoozing babies or dogs, warm brownies, green trees, butterflies. Doing something daring and impossible. Knowing there is only love and no more hellish pain for them helps… man, what a brutal ride. Thank you for being a bright light. IT MATTERS. I know first hand that not all days are bright and shiny (although the bounce-back does come more quickly now), but your light shines anyway. I am SO PROUD of you, as is Nick. I’m sure you can hear him saying “That’s my girl! My Girls!”Thank you for you and thank you for continuing to walk with me/us!

    1. I’m so sorry about your mom Nicki. That is so hard… But, you are right… Those broken hearts ARE open hearts. Thank you for saying that “this” matters. I know that I used to question if anyone really read, but luckily, now I write for God. I write what He puts on my heart to share with the world. So, even if no one reads it but Him, I know I’ve done the right thing. :] Thank YOU for your encouragement. It means the world.

  2. Thank you once again for your beautiful writting. It always hits the spot and I especially needed to hear this today since I am having a rather dark day.

    1. Hi Anika, So sorry that yesterday was so tough. Those days can be so hard, especially when they are butted right up against other dark days. Strive for the light. Rage against the dark, with all your might. Lean on Him and He will lead you out. Thank you for following. Your support is so appreciated. God bless.

    1. Hey Miriam… I think a part of our hearts will be broken forever IN THIS LIFE… But, definitely NOT in the next. God’s original plan included WHOLE human beings with WHOLE, FULL and HAPPY HEARTS and His plan will be fulfilled. I firmly and entirely believe that, with all of my heart.

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