Just Shut Up for a Second

I’ve got problems. Lots of em. Maybe not 99… But, who’s counting (other than Jay-Z, apparently)? I’m not going to address all of my problems with you now. No thanks. At least, buy me a cup of coffee first! ;]

Thoughts That Just Won’t Quit 

One of the “problems” I encounter daily is a mind full of words, of phrases, of lessons I should have learned or could have learned, of things I’ve done wrong, of things I think I’ve done right. (Confession: Another one of my problems is that I love coffee far too much. Currently, I am attempting a little break from this holy fuel of life. So, some of my obsessive thoughts might be revolving around a white chocolate Americano right now. Just maybe.)

Anyway, back to the main point. Constantly, I am thinking something. Always thinking. Guessing, comparing, reflecting, considering, pondering, day-dreaming (often about coffee… I mean, not really. But kinda.) Everyone has it; this commentary that constantly runs through your mind. But, I think that there is joy found in quieting those thoughts so you can hear from someone else, someone bigger than your problems.

Sometimes when you feel stuck because your mind is running a million laps all by itself, with or without your permission… you have to take your thoughts captive and slow them down so you can sort them out and find time to listen.

Every human being has something that calms their mind and cradles their spirit. For some, it might be sitting by the ocean, or cooking, or painting, or running, or surfing, or reading. For me, it’s definitely writing.

I do not have a problem with a lack of content. I do not struggle with writer’s block. Nope. I have an issue of the opposite nature. Just like all those thoughts would have it… I have far too much I want to share. I have too many topics to choose from.

What You Do Is What Counts 

There are so many days, where I wake up, completely determined to write. But so often before I can get my laptop opened, I convince myself that there is no way I will be able to get started. That there is no way to prioritize all. of. the. things. That my mind is moving too fast to get any of it out. How will I pick one topic over another?

So, I tried something new today. Instead of deciding in advance what I would write about, I gathered a little courage and took a little step. I picked up my laptop, grabbed a glass of water, and planted myself on my back porch (not to brag, but the weather out here is amazing). I opened a blank page, got Spotify running, and started typing to the beat.

The result might be something entirely short of amazing, but I have done something. I’ve quieted… my… thoughts. And, maybe I will have reminded you to please quiet yours. Or, if you want more authority; maybe I can dare to remind you to just shut up for a second. Having a hard time remembering the last time your thoughts were still? Are you feeling lost? Feeling stuck?

If so, take a stinkin’ break. Seek your calm place and ask God join you. Not sure you have the energy or motivation to run, or read, or do whatever it is you need to do? Then, just take the first step. Sometimes a little momentum is really all we need. Lace up those shoes or pick up a book. Whatever you do, just make a move.

Move It or Lose It 

I’m fully convinced that God moves when we move. I’m fully convinced that faith can and does move mountains. But, we must first decide to speak.

“I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen.” Mark 11:2

I’m making it a priority to quiet my mind daily. Even if only for a few minutes. To get a jump start on all this and gather that momentum, I’ve almost entirely cut out social media. I’m taking three weeks away from that horribly amazing time-suck called Facebook. ;]

I am more than ready to see what God can do for me in those quiet spaces and places that are opening up. How about you? Are you ready to face the quiet? Good. Let’s do this together then.

Let me know what helps YOU quiet your thoughts. Tell me what helps you connect to God. Are you struggling to do this each day? Are you willing to make it a priority? How do you think your life might mend?

Oh, and, last question you might want to address…. if you want to help me feel a little less insane. Do YOU ever daydream about coffee? 

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13 thoughts on “Just Shut Up for a Second”

  1. I could read your writings all day long.. its amazing how quite my thoughts get when im totally into what im reading.. you do that for me!! can you please write a book ( 2000 page book) you are such an inspiration. thank you for always sharing your true self etc. Loved this blog as well as the others. Id love to join you in a break from social-time suck media (fb, instagrham) just not yet lol lol. Thanks for the lift this afternoon. :)

  2. I so needed this today! I am also shutting out Facebook for the 21 days. Well as much as I can running two ministries on there I have to check for messages once a day. The ocean is my happy place! I wish I could go there daily! But I am gonna make a goal to go at least one a week to start. It truly helps be shut out the noise!

    1. Hi Danielle! That is great!! Part of my job requires a little FB time and my blogs wouldn’t get read without a post to FB, but other than that, the break has been incredible so far! So awesome to hear you are going to make a point of going to the ocean weekly. We are dang lucky that we live near such beautiful beaches, eh? Sending love to you and hope to see ya soon!

  3. Okay, okay, OKAY MOM. I WILL TAKE A FACEBOOK BREAK TOO. :) No, really. I’ve hidden, gosh, most of my “friends”, and if that isn’t a sign to just take a break I don’t know what is. I need it a little for my website also but not REALLY. I’m all in. Know what else is my FAVORITE THING EVER TO DO? Omg, it’s almost as good as pooping. I LOVE cleaning things out and getting rid of stuff. It’s a little bit harder right now- we lost 3 parents in under 3 years. 2 of them were my hubbies parents, meaning we had to go through A LOT OF STUFF. And even though they are NOT IN the items we’ve kept, it’s still harder than normal to get rid (um, I just went away for a second cause I got messaged on timesuck book)(I suck book, haha) of stuff. But never fear, I’m having a good purging day and it doesn’t feel as hard. So much fun! Thank you for you!

    1. Haha.. You are hilarious! But, cleaning DOES feel good sometimes, doesn’t it? Things can commonly hold us back more than we realize. A free life really isn’t having everything you want but truly wanting and needing less. That’s what my experience has been anyway. I get that TimeSuckBook for sure. It can be so hard! Take a break when you are ready and spend that time doing something productive instead. I’ve swapped my Social Media time for Praying and reading devotionals and it’s amazing the heart of gratitude that’s replaced a heart of comparison. :] If you have a smart phone and want a good app to use for devotionals, check out “She Reads Truth.” I would highly recommend it! :]

  4. Your commitment to finding yourself and finding love is encouraging. It makes me want to do the same! Every time I read your blogs, I take 5 minutes to reflect on what i’m grateful for. I’m extremely grateful for Ronnie, I love him more than anything else in my life! I’m also very grateful for you teaching me about white chocolate Americanos almost 5 years ago ;) you think you’re coffee crazy… well i’m right here with ya! Anwyway, just thought i’d stand by you on this one :]

    1. Aww… Thanks, Sami! You are such an amazing person and I am so lucky that we get to be friends, almost-cousins AND coworkers for a bit. You are incredible! And, thanks for the encouragement. White chocolate americanos for life, yo! ;] Love you!

  5. Having been off Facebook for many months, I just found your new site, Alyssa. It’s as wonderful as you are. I’m obsessed with the smell and taste of coffee in creamy half and half. Considering I can only drink lactose-free decaf, it’s a bit unfair. However, I have come to discover that a foamy soy latte with caramel almost does the trick now that it has been six months since I had a breve. Writing, reading, and singing in harmony at the top of my lungs to my favorite bands is what helps me STOP the torrent of thoughts that is always raging in my mind. I so relate to this post! Love you!

    1. Hey Angela!! Thanks so much for the comment! Going from breve to no diary has gotta be a tough one! Glad you discovered the heavenly creaminess that is soy! :] So glad you got to read and that you enjoyed. Sending love to YOU and yours. Love you guys!

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